Lady of the Labyrinth; Primarily a site of research on religions and cults of goddesses and the Great Goddess in various ancient cultures and Pagan religions. ALSO fascinating insights into the Norse Myths.

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The Asatru Community, the official site of The Asatru Community:

Odin's Gift, Norse Mythology and Asatru Poetry and Music:

Seidh; from the same site as "Runes, Alphabet of Mystery"

Runes, Alphabet of Mystery; A useful source site:

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Ragweed Forge; A useful source on Norse culture:

The Norse Mythology Blog, Myth and Religion by Dr Karl E. H. Seigfried:

Heron Drums, UK Shamanic Drums: Drum Birthing, Reiki drumming and shop:

Runes and the Futhark, 3 really useful websites from Karen P. Foster: