My hand carved runes (birch, cut and stained with linseed oil, then carved and coloured with dragon's blood ink. Leather pouch from "The Tent Trade"; based on a find in Hedeby; (the largest Nordic city of the Viking age, on the border of modern day Germany and Denmark).

About Me

Some boring stuff

Reikhart Odinsthrall is obviously not my real name, but it does represent my spiritual path as a servant/slave of Odin. I am not "enslaved", but I recognize that Odin has the final authority over my fate; and those who know their Sagas will understand that can seem arbitrary at times.

However, I believe that what Odin does is for ultimate good; to teach self control, authority, independence, and ultimately acceptance. Ragnarok is coming for the Aesir and the Vannir; and many will lose their lives in that final conflict. But despite knowing that; they continue as life to the full.

I came to this path late in life. Originally a committed Christian; I become disenchanted; and came to realize that this was never going to be a place I could call home. The "fault" (if you can call it that), lay with the both of us, and I will never throw stones in wells where once I drew water. However...Odin, as All Father, Rune Giver, and Wanderer, has taught me much about who I am, and what I am truly capable of.

And now, I am exploring the Elder Paths. My starting point is the runes; but I am learning the Norse/Germanic mythology, as well as other more "mystical" paths such as Shamanism and Seidh.

This site is partly for me to share a little of what I have learned; but hopefully will also become a meeting place for other explorers like me.

Who is Reikhart Odinsthrall?